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We know it’s not easy to choose an Internet provider. Discover how we can be your first choice

Get the speeds you want, at the price you want!

Dolitelecom offers you a wide range of plans, so you can choose between different speeds and hardware, depending your needs and your budget.

Why Choose Dolitelecom?


Fast & Standard Installation

Dolitelecom offers standard installation without hidden costs. Transparency is our motto


No Surprises Billing

Dolitelecom guarantees a billing with no hidden fees. The monthly bill is always the same 


No Data Caps

Navigate the internet without limits. Get speeds that let you view your favorite content worry-free.

Dolitelecom is Your #1 Choice For Home Internet

Fiber-optic Internet is the latest change in the way data is transferred around the globe. It’s much faster than cable, and can carry large amounts of data in a single line, often reaching multiple terabits of data transfer fairly easily.


Speeds Up to mbps

No Contract

Hardware Included

High Quality Hardware

Rent your Router and modem up $4.95

Canada & USA Doli unlimited calls

It’s over with the surprise bills, Dolitelecom offers an unlimited phone plan to call Canada and USA. With affordable prices compared to other providers. Our customer service is at your disposal at all times.

Bundle & Save

The savings achieved by combining our Internet offers with the telephone are considerable and provide you with more comfort by managing only one invoice from a single supplier. With Dolitelecom you can choose between different phone plans and internet speeds depending on your needs & budget.

Doli Customers

What People Are Saying About Dolitelecom

“I went through many internet providers but the reassurances I got from Dolitelecom gave me the peace of mind that I have always looked for.

Sarah – “Doli customer”

Customer service is overstated much, but you don’t actually need it if the internet never goes down and your router is of good quality

Marc André – “Doli customer”

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Ultra-Modern support

Dolitelecom is an Internet and Telephony provider. We strive to provide the best service to our current and future customers. We promise you a reliable service, good quality hardware and consistent billing. That is our recipe for a stable & firm service, and eventually happy customers.


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