About Dolitelecom

With Dolitelecom, your only concern is to charge your devices and take full advantage of your internet connection.

Providing the best internet services

Our customers choose us because we provide a stable internet service, deliver unmatched reliability and offer some of the best value for money in our business. Over time, our approach to the customer has helped transform us from a small upstart company to a leading national provider of residential internet & telephony. This didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen without total commitment to our mission—helping our customers to get the internet stability they wish for.

Our Mission

We strive to provide our customers with the newest WiFi technology, differentiated products and unmatched customer service, delivered within flexible and cost-effective plans that meet our customers’ needs.

Our Vision

We put the satisfaction of our customers at the core of our strategy. We continually seek to make our customers happy & satisfied.




High Quality Hardware

Rent your Router and modem up $4.95

What Dolitelecom Offer


We are committed to providing you with the service you have chosen as promised

Premium Customer Service

Our customer service is our way of telling you that we love you even more

Customized Plans

You can choose between different products and combine them according to your needs

Control & Monitoring

More control over your router allows you to better monitor the consulted contents 

Billing Management

No more surprise billing, the price you pay is the same for the entire period of your subscription

Low Price & Best Quality

Enjoy the fairest prices in the market with a quality of services above what you could expect

Our Team of Experts

Dolitelecom puts at your service a commited team of experts to answer your questions and help with your requests in record times

Get the speeds you want at the price you want

Get In Touch

Still have concerns? Would you want more information about Dolitelecom offers?
Feel free to get in touch, it is our great pleasure to answer your questions.


Ultra-Modern support

Dolitelecom is an Internet and Telephony provider. We strive to provide the best service to our current and future customers. We promise you a reliable service, good quality hardware and consistent billing. That is our recipe for a stable & firm service, and eventually happy customers.


Dolitelecom Inc.

1805 Rue Sauvé O suite 215, Montreal, Quebec H4N 3B8 Canada