Your Doli Duo Plan 100mbps

Download Speed

100 mbps



Upload Speed

30 mbps



Monthly usage


  • Good for small households

  • The right bandwidth for checking email, using social media, and streaming music


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Our Customers

“I went through many internet providers but the guarantees provided by Dolitelecom give me the peace of mind that I have always looked for.“


“At first I thought that dolitelecom is like any other provider. Day after day I discover that customer service is excellent and that satisfaction is at the center of the company’s concerns. I did not expect to receive a welcome card from dolitelecom but it happened.“



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order dolitelecom services?
The best and fastest way to order any of our services is through our Web site. You can also contact us if you prefer to place your order through one of our representatives.
Can I change my services?
Yes, your new services will begin the following month. It’s free to change telephone service (except changing a number) but you may need to pay a fee for changing Internet plans.
How can I cancel my services?
If you are on a month-to-month plan, you can contact us anytime you want to cancel your services. To ensure your services are cancelled in a timely manner, we request one week’s notice prior to the desired cancellation date.
What is 30 days risk-free trial?
30 days risk-free trial only applies on “purchasing modem” option. (Or other special promotion, please consult from our Customer Service Representative when submit order.)Within the first 7 days of the service, if customer cancels the plan, customer can have the modem charge and service charge fully refunded. However, for any installation fee/ modem shipping fee, if incurred, cannot be refunded.
What are my shipping options?
By default, we use Canada Post expedited service to ship your modem. Our standard shipping rate is $9,90 + tax(Canada Post Expedited). The average delivery time for our standard Canada Post Expedited shipping is 3-5 business days. Canada Post will deliver a notice card advising when and where (usually your nearest post office) the modem can be picked up from. It will not be shipped directly to your home.
Is the installation technician able to bring my router and modem?
No, they cannot. Dolitelecom provides third party internet access. This means that we make use of the incumbent providers’ (Bell and Videotron) wiring to your home and in turn must use their installation technicians. As a result of this, it is not possible to supply the technician with your hardware. It must be shipped to the post office that serves your address or picked up from our main office.

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Dolitelecom is an Internet and Telephony provider. We strive to provide the best service to our current and future customers. We promise you a reliable service, good quality hardware and consistent billing. That is our recipe for a stable & firm service, and eventually happy customers.


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